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who doesn't want to wear a crisp uniform

travel to new locations and at the end

of every month take home a great salary

I don't know about you but at the end of

every flight I just stare at the pilots

pulling their luggage and getting into

the bus with all because they have the

dream job that most of our world but the

sad part is most of us know how to

become an engineer or how to become a

doctor but the information on how to

become a pilot is know what that value

which is why flying a plane remains a

dream for most of us but that is

something that we are going to change


so in today we are going to see

how to start pilot training in Hyderabad and

what are the different streams available

basic requirements that you're supposed

to meet even before you can think of

becoming a pilot in Hyderabad how to become

a pilot and the cost associated with it

salary that you can expect after

becoming a pilot but most importantly

towards the end I'll give you a bonus

tip which becoming a pilot obviously has

its perks but every coin has two sides a

friend who's a captain in a reputed

airline and whose name I cannot disclose

said that before deciding to become a

pilot one should know about its pros and

cons and I'll tell you exactly what he

told me so that you make an informed

decision about whether this is the right

career choice for you or not look I'm an

engineer by profession

mostly because nine years back I had no

idea what else to do but today thanks to

the corporate world and proper

networking I get to learn and meet

people with different professions doing

what they love and I'm taking all of

that wonderful information and creating

these pilot training in Hyderabad info page

because I want you

to have the shot at different

professions that I never had. After

Pilot training in Hyderabad a pilot is someone who needs to have

multiple skills they need to be good at

their maths physics need to have great

communication skills but more than that

they need to be emotionally stable

physically fit and mentally sound

because I don't know about you but I

wouldn't want to be in a plane 30,000

feet above ground with a pilot who

panics at every situation now there are

two different types of pilots one who

joined the Indian Air Force and second

our commercial pilots commercials are

again divided into scheduled flights and

non scheduled flights scheduled flights

are something that we normally take like

indigo with star Air Asia so on and so

forth non scheduled flights are air

ambulances charters corporates so today

we are going to talk about pilot training

in Hyderabad because joining the

Indian Air Force comes with a different

set of requirements.

For starting pilot training in Hyderabad you first

need to meet seven basic criteria

number one you need to be a citizen of India

obviously your age at the time of

application should be between 18 to 30

35 it depends on the airline number

three having classes in order problem as

long as you have a six by six vision

with or without glasses but you cannot

have color blindness because you need to

identify the navigation lights plus the

instruction and warnings in a flight

desk are color coded and each of them

have a different meaning number five you

need to pass class 12 with 55% at least

in physics maths and English

individually that's right just last

wealth but having a math background is

essential that does not mean that if you

have a commerce or arts background you

cannot apply in those cases through the

National Institute of open school people

clear the maths and physics and then

apply number six you need to be

proficient in the English language

because English is the international

language for civil aviation and why do

you need a common language

simple reason because you don't want to

die one of the reasons for aviation

accidents is miscommunication as a pilot

you should be able to give clear

instructions to your crew members and

also be able to follow instructions from

the air traffic control because forget

the number of international languages

there's so much of diversity in our

country that if the air traffic

controller can only speak Bengali and if

the pilot can only understand Telugu

then all of us are but learning English

is not as difficult as everybody makes

it if you want to know how I learned to

speak in English fluently. now the seventh and the

final requirement of becoming a pilot training

in india is to have class 2 and class 1 medical

certificates which are basically a set

of medical exams like ECG blood tests

urine tests so on and so forth conducted

to find out whether you're physically

fit or not these tests are to be

conducted only by a set of selected

doctors and I sent to the DGCA the

Directorate General of Civil Aviation

now who are these doctors where to find

them what are these tears so all of this

information can be found out at DGCA Portal.

now after meeting the first

seven criteria the next major thing that

you need to go after is called CPL and

commercial pilot license there are two

ways to get it. To start Pilot training

in Hyderabad, method number one caste step number one

apply to a flying school a flying school

is where they'll teach you theory which

includes subjects like system of clean a

navigation aviation metrology plus

practicals which includes 200 flight

hours needless to say you need to pass

both theory and practicals to get your

CPL that is commercial pilot license now

it's cool to apply - you can either

apply to strong schools in India or

abroad for India make sure you check the

list of flight schools on the DGCA

website some of the top flying schools

of our country as of today are a GRU a

MPF see Indore a bomb a flying club the

duration of the course is between 18

months to 2 years some people also

prefer applying to flying schools

in Ufa Europe New Zealand Canada where

you can complete the Kois between six

months to twelve months so it's your

personal choice and depends on what you

want to do step number two now after you

get your CPA the next thing to do is

apply for a job in airlines like indigo

Spice Jet Airways go air just go to

their website search for jobs CP and

recruitment in particular and apply once

you get selected these airlines will

send you for another type of training

called step number three type rating but

see Cpl is where you learn how to fly a

smaller plane like a Cessna but type

rating is where you learn how to fly a

bigger plane for example if it's indigo

they would want you to learn how to fly

an Airbus and in case of Jet Airways or

spice gel they will want you to learn

how to fly up boy so method one has

three steps step number one apply to a

flying school and get your CPM

step number two apply for a job and get

selected and finally step number three

is to get your type rating training at

the end of which will become a

commercial pilot through pilot training

in Hyderabad, now method number two

is simpler then method number one but it

is more expensive airlines like indigo

and Jet Airways have their own cadet

pilot programs all you have to do is

clear their entrance exams and

interviews and they will give you a job

contract and they will make sure that

you get your CPL and type rating

training done now how much will these

two methods cost let's start with method

number one a flying school will cost

somewhere between 38 to 45 lakhs and

type rating training will cost around 15

to 20 lakhs. This is the cost for pilot

training in Hyderabad. so overall method number one will take

around 60 to 80 lakhs coming to method

number two the whole package will cost

around one crore some people prefer

method number two because here you first

get a job and then you get trained by in

method number one you first get trained

and then might have to wait some time

before you get a job Plus and method

number one after you get a job some

airlines might want you to do

their internal trainings and pay for

that so you might have to shell out some

more money I know the faeces are not but

unfortunately they didn't much

scholarship available but if you cannot

afford it but still want to fly a plane

and serve our country then you can

always join the Indian Air Force, and as a fresher you

can apply to companies like indigo Jet

Airways the spice trade go area ratio

etcetera when you join as a junior first

officer you will get a stipend of around

25,000 per month some companies also pay

70 some pay or lack some don't pay at

all but once you get promoted to a first

officer you can draw somewhere around 2

lakhs per month as a captain you can get

somewhere around 6 lakhs per month but

once you become a Czech pilot you can

draw somewhere between 7.5 to 12 lakhs

per month now apart from the course fees

and the salary there are few other

things that you should know before you

decide whether you want to be a pilot or

not but before that if you like what I

am doing,

now before

you decide whether you want to be a

pilot you should know what are the cons

I know of to number one being a pilot is

extremely stressful because whenever you

in the cockpit not only are you

responsible for your life but for the

life of hundreds of other people

traveling with you and needless to say

it is a risky job and number two all

that travel might sound great when you

a bachelor but once you have a family

you will crave to spend more time with

them on ground rather than being in it

but hey there's nothing that you can't

manage right so if you think you can

balance that out then go for it because

for you sky is literally the limit Plus

how many people can really boast about

having an office location that is 30,000

feet above ground on that note I promise

to see you again next week until then

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