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So these are some of the steps you need to follow to achieve your dream:

  1. You need to go for medicals to ensure that you are fit enough to fly. So go for class 2 medical and then take an appointment for class 1 and after the result go further.

  2. Apply for computer number which is your unique number and then study for your theoretical dgca cpl exams and pass the exams. You can then take CPL Ground Classes in Assam from Capt Ahluwalia aviation academy.

  3. After completion of your exams, choose a flying school wisely. It's not an easy task to choose a flying school. Choose only after complete research . But 1st step should be to take CPL Ground Classes in Assam and clear the ground exams.\

After completion of your training, Congratulations !!!

You have become a pilot. Now search for a job and acheive your dream.

CPL Ground Classes in Assam Duration is 6 months.

CPL Ground Classes in Assam New Batch Starting soon.

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