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How to Become a Pilot in India?

A pilot is a person who pilots and navigates planes, helicopters, fighter jets, and other forms of aircraft. A pilot is responsible for controlling flight controls for the crew and passengers. If you were a pilot, you might transport people or goods, or you might work for a company that provided aerial photography, rescue missions, or charter flights.

Pilots can operate in a variety of professions in India.  Pilots do many pre-flight tests in addition to guaranteeing safe travel by operating the plane according to the rules. Checking the weather, updating flight logs, doing flight safety checks, and validating flight plans are all examples of these checks.

In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step method to learn how to become a pilot in India.

To become a pilot in India, follow these two methods:

1. Conventional Method

Once you have completed class 12th, you may begin your journey towards becoming a pilot. In India, you will complete your pilot training in two years, obtain a commercial pilot license, and be ready to realize your dream of becoming a pilot.

The criteria is you must study the maths, science and english in your 12th. But, If you did not study Physics or Math during your class 12th, you can still meet the eligibility requirements by taking the Physics and Maths exam through NIOS.

STEP 1: Clear 5 DGCA Exams

CPLs is issued by the DGCA, India's governing authority for pilots. These Pilot Exams, commonly called as DGCA CPL Exams, are administered by the DGCA. There are a total of 5 DGCA Exams that you must pass in order to become a pilot in India. This is the first step of your Pilot Training, and it takes roughly 6 months to prepare for the DGCA Subjects.

1. Navigation

2. Meteorology

3. Regulation

4. Technical- General

5. Technical-Specific

RTR (A) also need to be cleared which is taken by WPC. 

STEP 2: Pilot Medical

In parallel with this, you can also start the 2nd step by getting your DGCA Pilot Medical.

Being fit and healthy is a requirement for becoming a pilot in India. You will need two pilot medicals:

Class 2 - Medical

Class 1 - Medical

STEP 3: Enroll in a Flying School

Last but not least, you must complete 200 hours of flight training in an DGCA approved flying school. Examine and compare several flying schools in your location or across the country. Determine the duration and cost of each school. The Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy guide you through the complete process of choosing the flying school in India which will be the best place to learn commercial pilot training. The fact that these flying schools are inexpensive is the most significant feature. These schools offer flying training as well as detailed flying lectures to help you improve your piloting skills.

We provide cpl training for the DGCA Pilot Exams at Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy.

Students taking the pilot course after 12th can get a scholarship of up to 50% for cpl ground classes.

The following scholarships are available for pilot training in India:

12th Marks        Scholarship 

Above 90%            50% off

Above 85%            30% off

Above 80%            20% off

Above 70%            10% off

There are two ways to train for flying:

1. You can get your pilot's licence in India if you pass the 5 DGCA exams mentioned above, which would take approximately 1-2 years.

2. You can get your flight instruction from anywhere in the world; in that case, you simply need to pass three or four DGCA exams, depending on the country.

STEP 4: Submit an application for a licence.

In India, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issues and regulates pilot licences. According to DGCA guidelines, a minimum number of hours of flight experience is required to become a civil aviation pilot. Apart from demonstrating your flying competence, you will be required to undergo written and oral exams.

You can apply for a student pilot licence (SPL), a private pilot licence (PPL), a commercial pilot licence (CPL), or an airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) depending on your experience, age, and flying hours .  This is the complete conventional method of how to become a pilot in India. Next you can Apply for the job. After passing all the Airline exams, you will get the job.

2. Cadet Program

The cadet program is the second method to become a pilot in India. In India, anyone can become a pilot by using the cadet  program. Various airlines, such as Indigo, Spicejet, and AirAsia run cadet  program. Clear the entrance exam before enrolling in a cadet program. After passing the entrance exam, airlines provide comprehensive pilot training. You will receive a CPL ( Commercial Pilot License) after completing of the training .

Next process is type rating of particular aircraft like Airbus or Boeing aircraft. That also is a part of Cadet Program and then you will get the job in the respected Airline after their complete training course. 

These are the two programs in india, using these two program you can become a pilot in india.

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