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Pilot Training in mumbai

i still get asked this question very

often that people are still confused

and what are the

procedures what are the steps to be


so i thought why not make one single

all-inclusive page

that should try and answer all of your

possible questions

and should also list down all the steps

you need to take

to become a pilot in india so let's get



strap yourselves in this is gonna be a

long page

and this should answer pretty much all

of your questions

in this page i'll be talking to you

guys about how to be a pilot in

india so that means you will be flying

in india itself

and you will be doing your cpl the

conventional way i will be making

separate pages for the cadet program

and if you want to fly abroad so if you

guys want to see those pages do let me

know in the comments below

also please do subscribe to the channel

so i can continue bringing good quality

aviation content to all of you

thank you. For pilot training

in Mumbai , let's begin first things


educational requirements you need to be


12th pass with maths and physics

so all the class 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th

students who keep on messaging me

asking me can we be a pilot what all do

we need to do to be a pilot

first of all all of you need to clear

your class 12th

with maths and physics now the point

here is if you've taken arts or commerce

you can still be a pilot you have to

clear maths

and physics it's a compulsion commerce

theory you'll have to clear maths and

physics from an open university

the most common university that people

go to is an ios

it is perfectly allowed and it is

perfectly legal

it will not affect your career in any

way in the future

if you clear your exams from nius all

you require

is passing marks in class 12th you don't

have to get 90 percent you don't have to

get 80 percent you don't have to get 55

percent i don't know why but a lot of

people think 55

is required to do your cpl no it is not

all you require is passing marks in

class 12 and passing marks in maths

and physics now some of you may have

been doing a diploma

now you might ask a diploma while

appalling one section answer is yes

if your diploma university or if your

college from where you're doing the


if they can issue something as an

equivalency certificate

so it's a basically certificate which

tells the dgca

that you are equivalent to class 12 or

the diploma that you've done is

equivalent to a class

12th from a normal cvc board or an icsc


if your college can provide that

absolutely perfectly fine you can still

be a pilot you do not need to give iit


you don't need to give means you don't

have to have your graduation degree you

don't have to be a post graduate

none of that is required all that is


is just class 12th pass so the next

thing after your class 12th

or after your graduation or after your

post graduation whenever you're ready to

become a pilot and start pilot training

in Mumbai.

The next thing that you have to do is

make sure that you're medically fit

that is done by clearing your medicals

so there are two medicals that you'll

have to do

first when you get started you have to

do something another class to medical

links are in the description you can

speak to the doctors

and they will help you out with your

class to medicals

please call up the doctors in your

medical i can tell you some things

i'm not a doctor so i don't know the

details however i can tell you a few


the most common question is are

spectacles allowed yes they are allowed

your vision has to be six by six or your

vision has to be absolutely perfect

be it with spectacles or without

spectacles it does not

matter after you clear your class to

medical the next thing is a class

one medical now a class one radical is

done by the air force initially

it can also be done by a few private

hospitals again

links for it on how it is to be done in

the description you can check it out you

will only start your aviation career

after you make sure that you're

medically fit because it makes

absolutely no sense to put in money

and start your training and then

eventually finding out that you are not

even eligible to get a license

because a class one medical is a


to get a cpl license however the thing

is class 1 medical takes time you don't

get the dates

very easily so if your class 2 medically

fit you can start off

with at least your ground training but

make sure that before you go for your

flying that your class

one medical is cleared so to recap we

cleared our class 12th with maths and

physics we secured passing marks

and then we did a class 2 medical class

1 medical

may be done at a later date then the

next step

is to clear your dgca exams now to get

your cpl license

which is basically the license which

allows you to fly an aircraft for

commercial purposes

to get that license you have to complete

two requirements one is your exams

so you have to clear some theoretical

exams and the second one is the

practical requirement which is basically

the flying that you do

so first we will clear all our dgca


and only then will we proceed for flying

if you want to know the reasons for that

i have a page the link should be coming

up here

and i have finally figured out killing

so the link should be here for that

page you can check it out it will tell

you why you should be clearing your

exams first and

then go for your flying so to clear your

dc exams you will have to take ground


there are in numerous people who give

ground classes including myself i have

my own academy as well i'm sure a lot of

you already know you know the other

vision academy

you can go to any of these ground

schools i would suggest you take some

reviews ask people around

and then go to a nice place because a

lot of people

don't have the knowledge and they'll

still be teaching and then you'll just

end up wasting time as well as money

so then you start off with your ground

classes and then you appear for your

dgca exams

now before you appear for dgca exams you

need to have something known as a

computer number

this computer number is basically your

something like a roll number with dgca

with which you can appear for exams

so this computer number application

process is again the link in the

description you can check that out

you have to register on dgca website you

have to send them some physical


all of it will be in the description you

can check it out so once you secure your

computer number

and once you've finished off your ground

classes you will have to appear for dgca


these exams are a total of five

in number they are as follows navigation

technical meteorology regulations and

technical specific

these five exams are conducted by dgca

exams are all multiple choice questions

they are done at ddca centers exams are

conducted every three months

so you have exams four times in one year

the passing percentage for these exams

is 70 percent

all the questions are multiple choice

questions there is one more exam that

you have to clear and that is called

rtr now it's an exam which is conducted

by wpc

it's a government body and they conduct

this exam every two months

so this exam is conducted six times

every year so all in all we have

a total of six exams five by dgca

and one by wpc out of these exams


and technical are vast they are big

subjects and i would personally

recommend that you take ground classes

for them

if you want you can try and clear

meteorology and regulations on your own

they're comparatively smaller

however personally if you ask me i would

recommend that you take classes for all

the exams because tomorrow when you go

for an airline exam

your knowledge will be tested and you

get proper knowledge when you're being

taught properly

but then ultimately it's your choice so

you can appear for the dgca exams

n number of times there is no limit on

how many times you can give an exam

if you fail once you can give it twice

thrice as many times as you want

you have to clear the exams just once in

your entire life

the exams are also valid for five years

so within five years of clearing your

exams you have to submit your papers to

dgca for the issuance of your commercial

pilot license and complete your pilot training

in Mumbai.

so once we've cleared our exams with


we will now proceed to a flying school

when you go to a flying school

you will be issued initially with

something known as a spl and this will be the

first step of pilot training in Mumbai

in india

which is a student pilot license this

license is nowadays issued by the flying

school itself they will conduct a very

small oral exam

and which is basically a formality

because you've already cleared the dgca

exams so you already have the knowledge

so you clear that spl exam and you get

your spl license

this license allows you to fly those

small training airplanes

also there's some paperwork to be done

at a flying school you can contact a

flying school and they will guide you

perfectly on what all paperwork is


i will also put a list in the

description of all the flying schools in


unfortunately that list is not fully

updated by dgc as of now

however you can still check that out

majority of the flying schools on that

list are still functioning and you can

call them up

now when you go to the flying school you

have to fly for 200 hours

that's the requirement in india out of

those 200 hours

185 hours will be on a single engine


15 hours will be on a multi-engine

aircraft then there are few more

hours which are done on a simulator all

in all

once you've complete all these

requirements then the flying school will

help you

gather up all your documents you will

submit all those documents

to the dgca and then you will get your


if you're wondering on which flying

school to choose out of that

list that i just gave you in the

description you can always check out

my page again the link will come up

somewhere here

and you can check out that page in that

i have told you how you can find out

which is the best flying school for you


india or abroad and that is how you will

get your cpa license

i'll just quickly recap whatever i've

said till now first thing is class 12

with maths and physics

then you do your class 2 medical then

you do your ground classes and clear

your dgc exams in the meantime you also

do your class 1 medical

once all of this is done then you go and

proceed to a flying school

and then you fly for 200 hours and at

the end of it

submit your papers and get your cpa

license that's the basic

overall procedure on conventional cpl


india now after you get your cpl license

which is issued by dgca

once that license is received you are

now eligible to apply in airline


so now what you do is you sit at home

you study you keep your knowledge


or you can prepare for something known

as atpl exams

atpl is the next higher category of

license so first you got spl license

when you joined the flying school then

you got your cpl license

after you completed your initial flying

and then finally the highest category of

license is called atpl license

it is required when you become a captain

so it comes at a very later stage but

you can already clear your exams because

you're just sitting at home waiting

so after your cpa license sit at home


work hard and gain knowledge and you

wait for airline vacancies to come

airlines will always post their

vacancies on the career section so each

airline has a website

each website will have a career section

you can go there

and once you click you will find all of

the current vacancies

please do not believe any touts there's

lots of people cheating in the market

lying to people do not fall for them


reliable source for vacancies is airline

career section

and the official website from there you

find out which vacancies are coming out

apply for those vacancies

and go through the airline selection

process now the airline selection

process is different for each airline

so covering all of that in this one

single page is pretty much impossible


that is at a very later stage and right

now honestly it wouldn't really matter

also there is a question of type rating

now type rating is basically learning

how to fly the bigger airplanes

when you do your cpu license you learn

how to fly the small aircrafts a

two-seater or a four-seater or a six or

eight seater but airlines require you to


the big airplanes so type rating is

learning how to fly those bigger

aircrafts to do your type rating there

are two options

one is either you can do it on your own

after you get your cpl license

the other option is you first go through

an airline selection process

and then the airline will tell you which

aircraft to go on and where to go for

your type rating

so either of these options can be chosen

depending on the market conditions

right now i can't tell you which is the

favorable option

because it depends solely on the market

conditions at that point of time

doing your type rating on your own has a

few advantages

and a few disadvantages the advantages


you will get preference in airline

selection so whenever the airline comes

out with vacancies

all the type rated people will be

selected first and then the cpl holders

will be selected

but the problem is one the cost type

rating is costly and secondly

it's a ticking time bomb type rating


it has validities within three years if

you don't get a job

your type rating will be totally gone

you have to renew it every year

or every two years or every three years

depending on however you choose

but it is a costly affair and it's a

white elephant to maintain

so that's the disadvantage the safest

option is

wait for vacancies to come join an

airline and then go for your type rating

and then finally after getting selected

with the airline you will be sent for

your type rating or if you've already

done it you will be sent for your

airline training

now airline training is basically the

airline will take care of it

they will teach you how to fly the

aircraft they'll teach you their own


and at the end of the airline training

you will be finally

released as a first officer all of this


all of this has no defined time period

i can't tell you you will complete this

in two years three years four years

it's not in your hands and it's not

exactly possible to define a time limit

i've seen people finish off the whole

process in less than two years

i've also seen people who've waited for

like eight nine ten years

this depends upon a few factors such as

when the vacancies come out how quick

you are with clearing your exams how

good your flying school was

and a lot of other factors and now

coming to the most important question of

them all

how much does it cost the most common

question that i get

see flying in india is a very variable


in the sense there are flying schools

where you can do your cpl for as little

as 16 lakhs

and you can go all the way up to about

40 45 even 50 lakh rupees

so the cost is very varied but on an


in today's scenario as of 2020 your cpa

will cost you somewhere close to about

35 lakh rupees

including everything your stay and all

35 lakh rupees is the amount that you


at least keep in your head it might go

plus or minus 5 lakhs that depends

the next big cost is your type rating

type rating

if you do it on your own will cost you

anywhere between 10 to 15 lakh rupees

and the third major cost is when you

join an airline

nowadays you also have to pay for your

airline training

airline training is again a costly

affair the cost

that airline will ask you for are varied

indigo will ask you somewhere close to

about 20 lakh rupees spiced it will ask

you somewhere close to 50 lakh rupees

but on the whole

on an average going all the way from

just a 12th pass or just a graduate

to the cockpit of an airliner all of

this will cost you on an average

of about 60 to 65 lakh rupees in today's


remember these rates keep on changing

and they're usually increasing with time

now rather disclaimer all of these

costs that i just told you they're all

as of now

and they're all average costs these can

change with time

these can change with airline to airline

so please don't quote me on this

and lastly i would like to answer some

very common questions that i keep on


one is height minimum height


so as of now dgc does not specify any

minimum height required to be a pilot

however i have heard and i've seen


not hire people who are less than 152


152 centimeters so it's

a good idea to make sure that you're 152


or more another very common question is

about weight if you're overweight or

underweight it's

not a problem unless it's like too much


you will only get a recommendation on

your medical which will tell you that

you're recommended to gain weight or

you're recommended to reduce weight

otherwise you will not fail your medical

if you're slightly overweight or

slightly underweight

another common question that i get is

that will good marks in my schooling or

in my graduation or

if a graduation degree will help me out

in the future well honestly

no airlines do not really care about how

much you scored in your class 12th or

how much you scored in class 10th

or if you have a graduation degree or if

you're a phd or if you're an iitn

no one cares about that you will not get

any preference

another common question is that i need

to do a degree as a backup plan

now that is not a bad idea honestly

doing a degree as a backup plan is a

very good idea

however i personally it's my own

personal view you might differ on this

but i personally think that if you have

a primary plan

which is being a pilot and a secondary

backup plan

you first work on the primary plan first

you become a pilot and complete your

pilot training in Mumbai.

and then you work on a backup plan you

don't go the other way around where you

work on a secondary backup plan first

and then you work on your primary plan

so i recommend that you first do your

cpl. Start pilot training in Mumbai and

finish off become a pilot and then you

grade your graduation degree

which is something what i have also done

so if you guys have any more questions

please do feel free to drop them in the

comments below i will try and answer

them soon

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