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The only educational requirement to become a pilot is a Pass result in Class 12 along with Math and physics. So if you've passed class 12 with Math and Physics you can start your process to become a pilot.

The step by step process that I recommend is as below:

  1. Get your 10th and 12th mark sheet verification certificates by applying to the respective boards. CBSE and ICSE/ISC is online. SSC boards may be online/offline.

  2. Get your class 2 and class 1 medical check up done. Search on google for DGCA approved Class 2 doctors and get check up done and they'll help you with class 1 as well. Unless you pass these medical tests, you cannot proceed to become a pilot. And these medical tests are done every year so make sure you're fit at all times.

  3. Apply for a computer number which is sort of like a license to write exams. CPL Ground Classes in Mumbai will be your 1st step to start your journey. This is where you apply and also has information regarding how to apply. 

  4. Apply for DGCA CPL exams via Pariksha website itself.

  5. Pass the exams. We provide CPL Ground Classes in Mumbai

  6. Enroll into a flying school only after taking CPL Ground Classes in Mumbai and clearing the exams.

  7. As you're flying, clear your RTR(A) exam. You can do this before joining a flying school as well.

  8. Complete all your flying hours and obtain a CPL.

  9. Go get type rated on A320 or B737. Type rating is like a license to fly a certain type of aircraft.

  10. Apply for jobs.

Now, cost is a very important thing. The COMPLETE cost of getting a CPL and type rating and being ready to apply for jobs will easily take you about 40–50lakhhs (includes cost of Airline training at an average of 20lakhs). So make sure you have this kind of money.

You can fly and write DGCA CPL exams at the same time but i do not recommend it as having cleared papers before flying gives you preference over others at the time of flying. Fiest always clear your exams and we offer CPL Ground Classes in Mumbai.


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