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DGCA certified flying schools in india

Are you thinking about becoming a commercial pilot? Then you've come to the right place. The Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy in India offers comprehensive advice on selecting a flying school and is the best place to learn commercial piloting.  The completion of flying training at a DGCA-approved facility is required for a CPL. In India, there are numerous government and private flying schools and organizations.

To become a pilot in India, you must complete 200 hours of flying training with an Flying School that is DGCA-approved. A few factors must be considered before enrolling in a flying school:

1. Flying Training Cost

2. Flying Training Time

3. No. of Instructors

4. CFI

5. Flying Training Quality

1. Flying Training Cost

The first and most essential consideration is the cost of joining a flying school. In India, the cost of flying training ranges from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 45 lakh. The Bihar flying school offers a CPL for 10 lakh, however it is only available to Bihar residents.

2. Flying Training Time

You should think about a few things before enrolling in a flying school. The second consideration is the quantity of students enrolled in that specific flying school. You will obtain sufficient flying hours and will be able to complete your flight training in the period allotted.

3. No. of Instructors

The next factor to consider is the amount of instructors available at that particular flying school. Because the initial flying and several parts following the initial flying will directly influence the number of hours you spend building while the instructor will be sitting alongside you in the aircraft .

4. CFI

A CFI is a chief flying instructor. You need to check if this CFI exists there or not. Whenever the chief flying instructor (CFI) is not present at the flying school, there can be no flying training at that specific flying school. Before enrolling in a flying school in India, it is critical to have this knowledge. However, where can I find this information? You can directly inquire of a student who has graduated from that flying school or a student who is now undergoing flight training there. What strategy will you employ to locate the students? You may easily locate them on social media and interact with them, and they will gladly share this information with you.

5. Flying Training Quality

So, based on the above considerations, you must choose the best flying school for you. Taking into account the cost and time spent by the flying school, as well as the quality of the flying training they provide.

To become a pilot in India, you must first complete 200 hours of flight training and then pass the five DGCA exams. WPC takes the RTR exam. In order to become a pilot in India, you must first complete your pilot medical. Then pass all of the DGCA examinations and apply what you've learned while preparing for the pilot subjects in your flying training.


Following are the DGCA Requirement:

(Total 200 hours of flight training)

  1. 100 hours pilot in command (PIC)

  2. 250 nautical miles (NM) check

  3. 40 hours instrument flight

  4. 120 nautical miles (NM) check

  5. 10 hours multi engine

  6. 300 nautical miles (NM) check

  7. 10 take off and landing by night


All of the above factors should be taken into account when selecting the Best Flying School in India for your flight training. To select the best flying school in India for you, we at Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy will provide you full guidance. The Academy offers CPL ground classes for the DGCA Exams, which are Pilot Exams.

In Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy, you can get scholarship upto 50% on CPL ground classes, depending on your 12th marks.

Scholarship for Pilot Training in India:

12th Marks        Scholarship 

Above 90%            50% off

Above 85%            30% off

Above 80%            20% off

Above 70%            10% off

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