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CPL Ground Classes in Hyderabad

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Well for starters. Depending on your marks get scholarship upto 50% Off on CPL Ground Classes in Hyderabad

You need to have completed grade 12 with a minimum of 50% in Math, Physics and Chemistry. Also, you should have the ability to converse in English.

That being said, here after you can apply in any pilot training school through out the world. But keep in mind that the fee is exceptionally high and CPL Ground Classes in Hyderabad is crucial.

Once in pilot training and earning a Flight Instructor Certificate, you have to log in a total of 1500 hours of flying time (minimum) to even consider applying with an airline in abroad but in India you can work in an ariline after CPL, 200 hours of flying training. This could take anywhere from a year to two, the duration completely depends on your focus and dedication.

Additionally, once you complete the training you will have to earn more flight hours (remember, aviation is a competitive industry) and experience toward additional ratings, such as the Multi-Engine Flight Instructor rating (MEI) and the Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) .

We offer CPL Ground Classes in Hyderabad.

Remember that the airline industry is exceptionally competitive and nothing here works without dedication, passion and focus. So all the best and give your all to this.

CPL Ground Classes in Hyderabad Duration is 6 months.
CPL Ground Classes in Hyderabad New Batch Starting soon.

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