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Commercial Pilot Training in India

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This article is only for students who wish to become a pilot. This post is also for you if you are a graduate or a working professional who has always wanted to be a pilot.

A pilot's initial salary is one lakh per month, and a captain's salary is 5 to 7 lakh per month.

How to become a pilot in India?

To be eligible for the program, students must have completed their 12th grade in physics, math, and English. It is also possible to become a pilot if you come from an arts or commerce background. By taking open board exams i.e. NIOS, you will pass your physics, math and English papers.

Step-by-step Procedure: How to become a Pilot?

First, clear your DGCA exams. There is a total of 5 DGCA exams.

  • Navigation 

  • Metrology 

  • Regulation

  • Technical general and 

  • Technical specific

and also the RTR exam that is conducted by WPC. To appear for these DGCA exams you need a roll number that is the computer number. By applying on the DGCA pariksha website, you can get the computer number. When you are starting the preparation for the DGCA exams which are known as CPL ground classes. At that point time parallelly you should start with the pilot medical. There are two pilot medical: 

  • Class 1 Medical

  • Class 2 Medical

Class 2 medicals are completed first, and class 2 medicals can be completed by a DGCA-approved class 2 medical doctor. Once you have received your class 2 medical evaluation, you can apply for a class 1 medical by scheduling an appointment on the DGCA website. When you've completed your DGCA examinations and received your class 1 medical evaluation. Now, is the time to start your flying training. 

The duration of flying training is 200 hours. Cessna, Piper Arrow, Diamond aircraft are used for this. When you've completed your 200 hours of flight training, you'll be able to submit these documents to the DGCA and receive your CPL, commercial pilot licence.

You've advanced to the position of pilot. If you apply for an airline job, you will be flying larger planes such as Airbus or Boeing. You can begin training on smaller planes right away, but you will be unable to fly larger planes such as Boeing or Airbus. Now, you have to do type rating.  

What is type rating?

A type rating is simulator training on larger aircraft such as Airbus and Boeing, as well as any other specific aircraft that you desire to fly for an airline or for any other commercial purpose. This was the entire process of becoming a pilot using the conventional method.

What is the cost of pilot training?

The cost of CPL training in India is from 30 to 40 lakhs, with a type rating costing an additional 10 to 15 lakhs, for a total cost of 50 lakhs for your CPL and type rating.

Cadet Program:

A cadet programme is the second way to become a pilot. Airlines such as Indigo, SpiceJet and Airasia provide cadet programmes. If you are chosen as a cadet, the airline will provide you with complete pilot training and type rating and you will be hired by that respected airline after the completion of training.

How to get into a cadet program?

You must pass a few examinations, including a written test simulator and an interview test. If you pass these exams, you will be considered a cadet candidate, and the airline will provide you with comprehensive pilot training and type rating. You will be given the job once you have completed the training. As a result, the cadet programme for job security is a viable option for pilot training in India. We conduct CPL ground classes for all DGCA Exams at Captain Ahluwalia Aviation Academy. We also offer scholarships of up to 50% on CPL Ground Classes based on a student's 12th-grade performance.

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