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Commercial Pilot Salary in India

Pilots who wish to become commercial pilots may find happiness in aviation both financially and professionally. A commercial pilot's licence (CPL) enables the applicant to operate the aircraft. For individuals who wish to make flying their profession, being a commercial pilot is a smart choice because it offers one of the best compensation packages in India and the rest of the world.

The number of flying hours required to obtain a commercial pilot licence and the experience that counts toward a CPL's skill set are the two key factors that affect a CPL holder's salary. Although their pay scales in various businesses may vary, they will all have fulfilling careers. Additionally, depending on the position or profile they will be working in, the salary scale may change. Around the world, the following commercial pilot job profiles offer excellent salary packages:

  1. Co-Pilot

  2. Commercial Pilot

  3. Chief Pilot

  4. Airline Pilot

  5. Commuter Pilot

  6. Captain

  7. First Officer

  8. Experimental Test Pilot

Additionally, a licence and certain skills are necessary for the pilot course. The following are the skills that are in demand in commercial fields all over the world:

A student needs to be proficient in both problem-solving and communication. The candidate must be meticulous as well.

Teamwork: The candidate must be able to collaborate effectively with the crew. Additionally, coordination with air traffic controllers and flight dispatchers is required.

Task management: Prioritizing activities and projects is a crucial skill.

Professionalism: Managing a Aircraft requires maintaining a professional demeanour and a positive outlook at all times.

Flexibility: The capacity to adjust to inconsistent working hours and environments.

Average Salary for Commercial Pilots

A commercial pilot may work in India if they have 200 hours of flight experience. In India, commercial pilots earn a good salary. They can make around Rs 1.5 lakh a month as a fresher. After becoming a Captain they can earn between Rs. 5 to 8 lakhs a month and can also travel internationally after obtaining experience and switch to job anywhere in the world.

You can make around 8 Lacs a year working for the Indian Army and Indian Navy. Any pilot who serves with the Indian Air Force does so with respect and honour.

  • In Indian airlines, a commercial pilot's starting salary usually ranges around Rs. 5,20,000 to Rs. 7,000,000.

  • The incentive paid to commercial pilots employed by Indian airlines ranges around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 6,13,000.

  • The profit share paid to commercial pilots employed by Indian airlines ranges around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,00,000.

  • The salary of a commercial pilot seeking employment with Indian Airlines is around Rs. 6,00,000 and Rs. 80,00,000.

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