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Pilot Training in India

if you have been a part of this page

from the last two page you might have

by now known

that training to become a pilot is a

really expensive business

and especially if you don't have any

money to start off with then you might

want to continue and watch this page

the entire length because in this page

i'm going to break down

how you can do your pilot training in india and

become a pilot

entirely for free i mean not entirely

but then still

uh very very economically and

that is what this page is going to be

about so if you are ready faster those

seat belts because we are ready for



what's up fellow youtubers and welcome

back to the fly tuber flying simplified

through youtube

aliasgarh here and on this page i

talk about aviation facts and some

interesting and informative knowledge

about aviation just like in this pageso if you are new here you might want to

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if you have been connected to this

page in my previous page you would

have understood that

training to become a pilot is really

expensive and you are looking to spend

about 60 to 70 lakh rupees

in today's date to reach an airliner

cockpit and even in another page i had

talked about different methods wherein

you can use those methods and try and

possibly reduce the cost towards your


but even if you were to use those

methods you still are looking to spend

about 25 to 30 lakh rupees only to get

your cpl in today's date

which is a lot of money and not many can

afford that much amount of money when

speaking about pilot training in india i really

think that there are three different

kind of people

one is the lord who can afford each and

every thing of the pilot training in india be it

cpl type rating credit programs and


the other lot is those who may have

partial money and they somehow can

afford or arrange the other half of the

money and then

comes the third lot who absolutely have

nothing to start off with

and this page is dedicated to those

people and it might be useful for

uh such people if you are one of those

then you might want to make sure to

watch this page the entire length

let's say we start off with the methods

how you can arrange funds for cpl

and the first one is a boring one that's

why i wanted to take that off my list

and which is you have to earn and save


you have to finish your schooling finish

your studies

get a job earn money and try and save


once you have collected that much amount

of money that you can afford cpl

then you have to go ahead with the cpl

but this is

boring method obviously but the other

downside with this one is that

it is a time taking process it takes a

lot of time

uh if you had money then straight away

after 12

you could have started your pilot

training but in this case you might have

to get a graduation

so that you get a good job wherein you

can support your family and finances and

also save money but still there are

people who have done it

this way and hats off to them because

they had that passion in them they had

that flame

uh that it stayed the passion of

aviation stayed with them for

four years eight years ten years there

are different stories but still once

they were in a good position in a good

financial position they did come back to


uh which reminds me of a pro tip here

that you would better want to get a job

at airport get an airport job get an

airport job with an airline

jobs like be a cabin crew be a ground


be a ram staff or ticketing and sales

etcetera but be with an airline and at


the advantage of that is that in days to

come it might be easier for

you to get a job as an as a pilot in the

airline itself because there is

something known as in-house vacancies

wherein airlines do come up with

vacancies for its own employees who hold

a cpa

but other than that it's easier for you

to stay motivated because day in and day

out you will be seeing pilots walking at

the airports

and you'll be just looking at them and

staying motivated

and you know and you'll you'll be seeing


goal each and every day and you'll be

closer to

your ultimate goals which also reminds

me of another story you can look this

up on google wearing a nigerian sweeper

the cleaner or the aircraft ultimately

after 24 years of service with the

airline he worked his way up

and became a pilot with his hairline

anyways which staying motivated is of

ultimate importance because there are

numerous stories wherein people

did think that they'll go get a job earn

money and save it and then come back to


but ultimately that flame faded away

and that all enthusiasm and everything

faded away and they never returned back

to edition and flying

but now if you guys are like bro i

lecture only i already know how to

become pilot by

getting a job and saving money etc etc

but i want to become a pilot i don't

want to save money for my kids to become

a pilot tell me something else no

wherein i can become a pilot uh

okay uh you might wanna watch the next

step then the next step is to get an


loan i personally do not prefer this

method and i wouldn't suggest you

but then if you don't have any other

option and if you have absolutely

nothing to start off with

then this might work out for you and it

might also save you

time and get you a bit more closer

towards your goal

all right so the tips that i can give

you regarding loans is first of all

choose for

government banks and then secondly

choose for an education loan instead of

personal loan because

uh firstly the interest rates of an

education loan is far

lower and of course the repayment

doesn't start off immediately after you

have taken a loan but instead once your

course is completed only then

will you have to start off uh repaying

the money the procedure might vary from

flight school to flight school but the

skeleton is pretty much this remains the

same which is you go to the flight


let them know that i'm interested to get

a loan and then they'll type a letter on

the institute letterhead that so-and-so

person is a bonafide candidate or

you know a trainee pilot with us and

there is no issue and no problem in this

candidate's documents etc and you can go

ahead with giving the education loan to

the student

and with that letter they'll also

provide another some other documents


your approval letter by dgca the

approval letter of the academy that the

academy itself is genuine and

it is approved by dgca now you'll be

taking these documents back to the bank

let them know that the academy is also

genuine my case is also genuine

and then you also have to give a

collateral which is one of one another

negative point

of getting an education loan that you

have to give in a collateral that is

surety it may be a property house

applaud or something else

you have to put in the papers as surety

that you will be returning the amount

and with all those documents you will

probably get an education loan and you

can start off with your training well

the downsides of doing a training

via loan is firstly uh it's a time

taking process you know release of funds

does take a lot of time especially if

you're doing it from a government bank

and then secondly you will need a

collateral or surety

and not many people have even have a

plot or property to put up for

for collateral and then thirdly


if you had the money and if you could

afford the pilot training in india

the same training would have say uh cost

you 30 lakh rupees but if you did it

by loan then the same thing will cost

you more because of

interests and finally after the course

if god forbid the market situation

isn't that good great and if you don't

land a job as soon as possible

then you will be in a lot of financial

burden and financial stress

because you have to now start repaying


education loan and on the other hand you

also don't have a job

so that is why i do not personally

recommend education alone

all right so let's not talk about the

next method which is scholarships now

many of you had asked me to make a

separate page on scholarships but

scholarships is really a gray area

not much clarity on that but still i'll

be sharing what all i know about

scholarships here itself

uh to start off with central and state

government used to have

scholarships for pilot training in india in the

past which is now being discontinued as

per my knowledge

but still if you are if you fall under

reserve category of

indian government that is if you are an

sc or an st student

then you get a 100 scholarship from the


yes which includes your stationery


books and your training everything

included i myself know a couple of


from my flight training school who had


it this way and their entire training

was funded or they got a scholarship

from the government so if you fall into

that category please look up

uh in the central or state government

portals i'm sure that there is a

scholarship for you guys from the

government but if you do not fall under

those categories then you have to keep a

look out because

there are times when private companies

also do come up with scholarships for

pilot training in india

the best example is just a couple years

back if i'm not wrong

there was this vacancy from honda

company for

dedicated for girl candidates interested

to become a pirate although

the uh eligibility criterias were really

strict 95

or something but that is how it will be

you know

if there are very less scholarships then

it will be highly competitive

and everything comes for a price if you

can't pay the price in money then you

have to

pay it in the sense of hard work now if

you do not fall under reserve category

and if you can't get a scholarship

or if there are no private companies

coming up with scholarships

or if you don't have a property

something to put up

as a collateral to get a loan but still

you are passionate and you have that

zeal to become a pilot and to fly


then the next method is absolutely free


you can become a pilot without any cost

and i think many of you might have

guessed it but still let me give you the

details but before we continue if

you are getting value out of this page

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share this page with as many friends

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the next method is through indian armed

forces the indian defense and military

have three different bodies which is

indian air force indian navy and indian

army the military

right the indian air force obviously

needs pilots to fly its

very advanced fighter jets which fly at

really high speeds and also some

transport category aircrafts

the indian navy also uh requires pilots

because it also has

aircraft that you might have seen the

page wherein aircrafts land on

these offshore aircraft carriers and

then there is

indian army indian army also has certain

aircrafts transport category aircrafts

transporting soldiers or

equipments or weaponry etc etc so indian

army also requires pilots to fly those

aircrafts and apart from this there is

something known as indian coast guard

india is a peninsular country so coast

guard is the body which takes care of

shores and indian waters which has

aircraft just

like dorniers and the coast guard also

requires pilots to fly these aircrafts

there are different various methods to

join in their army as pirates i

recommend you to look up the methods

yourselves but still i'll share what all

i know

the first method is through nda you give

an nd examination directly after your

class 12th

the age criteria is 16.5 to 19 and a

half and the

examination fees is just a mere 100

rupees but you have to perform well in


because india is a combined examination

for all the three bodies of indian army


if you score well then you get the

chance to select which

body of indian army would you want to

serve and then you can select indian air

force and become a pilot in indian air

force well if you have already breached


age criteria of 19 and a half years then

do not worry because there is something

else known as cds

or combined defense services examination

for that you need to be a graduate and

the age criteria is

19 to 24 years and once you pass that

examination there is also another phase

known as an ssb examination and once you

are done with that selection process

uh you can once again be a pilot with


armed forces and finally there is a

dedicated examination by the air force

known as afcat

or air force common admission test the

age criteria for that is 20 to 24 years

the further details you can look it up

directly on google

all the details are provided over there

be it any method but once you get

selected to fly aircrafts

for the indian armed forces the benefits

are that firstly you need not

pay absolutely anything to the indian

government towards your training in fact

you might also

earn some stipend very less amount of

money but still a stipend while you are

getting trained and apart from that you

will be having a whole lot of different

experience uh flying these very fast

aircrafts that

you know fly at really high altitudes

that we commercial pilots can

cannot even imagine off right so it's a

very great experience if you

uh fly for indian air force and even if

you don't fly for the air force

serving the nation itself is a really

good bonus and obviously you don't have

to pay anything to the government and to

be a pilot and fly the aircrafts but now

if you are like come on i wanted to fly

for commercial aviation i wanted to fly

uh passenger aircrafts then don't worry

because once you're done with your


you all you need to do is give your 80

theory examinations and once you clear

those you will be directly given an atpl

license based on obviously the number of

hours which obviously you might have

most probably completed

with the amount of years of services

that you have given to the nation

but you will get a atp license directly

and you can directly be a commander or a


on commercial aircraft in a commercial


but like i said earlier as well

everything comes with its own price to


and the downside of doing it this way is

that there is a

lot of wait time if you wanted to fly in

commercial aviation

uh there is something known as permanent

commission in the the air force

wherein you will have to be with the air

force and you can't leave the air force

until retirement but there's something

else known as

short service commission or ssc where

and still you need to

serve the nation for 14 years at least

and after 14 years

you can shift over to commercial

aviation but if you are

actually passionate about flying

aircrafts and being being a pilot then

this is a good trade-off

between you know giving up flying for

commercial aviation but you know you can

very quickly start off flying aircrafts

in real life

question of the day earlier in this

page i talked about three different

types of people

uh one is who can afford the pilot

training expenses and

uh there are people who can partially

afford or there are people who can't


pilot training in india at all so let me know in

the comment section as to which category

do you fall

under and if you have any queries you

can ask me drop them down in the comment

section below or you can also drop it

in my instagram dm i'll put the

instagram id somewhere on the screen and

also down in the description below

i will try my level best to answer

as many queries as possible from my site

and that's it for this page if you like

hit that thumbs up button do share the

page with your friends and subscribe to

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i'll cover very soon with a very

interesting topic until then take care

happy landings


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